Scoring by PWP

Evaluate your suppliers according to your own CSR criteria, and no more Excel files!

plateforme digitale évaluation RSE

Are you looking to evaluate and involve your suppliers in your CSR approach?

No more Excel files and online surveys! Scoring by PWP is the reference tool that will allow you to evaluate or select your suppliers and partners according to your own CSR / ESG criteria.

Positive Workplace has developed a digital platform that allows you to administer your CSR surveys and make them accessible to your partners.

The evaluation can then be carried out by your departments, or outsourced to Positive Workplace.

You will be able to monitor your panel’s progress on your specific issues (carbon commitment, % of responsible offer, etc.) on an annual basis.

What is the difference with existing tools such as Ecovadis?

Solutions such as Ecovadis or Sedex are very relevant in terms of ESG rating. But as a client, they do not allow you to evaluate your partners precisely according to your own CSR ambitions. And the evaluation represents a cost for the partner that they are not always willing to assume.

Scoring by PWP is a modular tool that will allow you to add your own functionalities according to your budget and to meet your business needs.

The tool can also be deployed in white label.

They use our solution :


The SCORING by PWP supplier evaluation system is by far the most “flexible” on the market.

  • Risk management throughout its supply chain
  • A tailor-made analysis according to your business and your challenges,
  • Accessibility to all your suppliers: recharging of control tokens or free of charge according to your choice,
  • Automation of the rating of your suppliers and subcontractors thanks to a secure digital platform,
  • A gain in efficiency and time for the supplier and for you,
  • An RGPD guarantee for data (stored in France),
  • Savings on supply chain management: optimised cost/time centres,
  • Regulatory compliance: Positive Workplace experts update the platform with new national and international regulations and adapt it to your sector (ISO 26000, GRI, ODD, Duty of Care, etc.).

The surveys are available in 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian).


Our customer service is located in Levallois-Perret, France and guarantees immediate and competent support for your requests.


Positive Workplace is a CSR assessment organisation. Its methodology is aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the international standard ISO 26000.