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Positive Workplace

The European CSR/RSO certification made in France

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A Paradigm shift : from competition to collaboration

We live in a world of limited resources and have reached the limits of growth.

It is urgent to rethink our economic models, to bring them towards more circular systems, to produce differently, to stop manufacturing and promoting the consumption of goods and services that are too carbon-intensive and harmful to humans and the environment. It is urgent to act together for the regeneration of systemic services and to make biodiversity conservation our common fight.

We are neither for sustainable economic growth nor for economic decline, but for sobriety and the economy of functionality as well as a fairer distribution of wealth.

From now on, we need a paradigm shift, to see progress not as “optimising performance” but as “robustness”, which will allow our civilisation to get through disruption and the uncertain conditions of climate change, as well as the social and societal challenges it creates.

We believe that solutions do exist and that they can only be achieved by engaging in a ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders. All organisations are interconnected and depend on each other.  Positive Workplace’s reason of being is to facilitate and encourage this stakeholder dialogue while responding to the urgency of the situation with a fast, reliable and collaborative certification process.

The PWP Community

A guide for all companies and organisations

Positive Workplace (PWP) is a European CSR certification made in France. It enables all companies, regardless of their CSR maturity level, to progress and involve their main stakeholders in their Sustainable Development strategies.

Positive Workplace focuses its know-how and expertise on three activities:

Label RSE - Positive Workplace

Apply for the CSR certification

Evaluation RSE fournisseurs - Positive Workplace

Evaluate your suppliers

structurer sa démarche RSE - Positive Workplace

Structure your CSR strategy

Access (free of charge) the most up-to-date CSR framework on the market

plateforme digitale évaluation RSE

Our ISO 26000 and SDG-inspired frameworks are updated every year, including the latest regulatory developments such as the Taxonomy, the ongoing work on the CSRD, and all new French, European and international regulations.

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3 good reasons to choose Positive Workplace

processus de certification RSE rapide

The fastest method on the market

(2 to 4 months for the entire process)

Budget maitrisé certification RSE transparente

A controlled budget

(From 1180 € HT, transparent rates)

Label RSE reconnu par les donneurs d'ordres

A CSR certification recognised by clients

A major asset for your calls for tender


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